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In this week’s From Then… Until Now, we throw the spotlight on Joesi Klein Like so many of our studentathletes in this series, Joesi Klein has done just about everything in athletics at Valley City. Then slowly but surely, the ones she wanted to focus on in high school started to surface. “Growing up I played softball, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball. I started most of them probably in kindergarten. I stopped playing basketball in 8th grade and stopped gymnastics in 4th grade.” In basketball and softball, some running is involved, but in short bursts and not very far. But that is the extent of her love for running. “I never tried track, I am definitely not made for running.” Klein said. Klein did not play volleyball her senior year with the Hi-Liners. A decision that was tough to make, but when you have a great support group at home, it was one that easy to deal with after the fact. “We fully supported her decision not to play and so did her coaches,” Brenda, Joesi’s mom said. “Joesi is the kind of person who makes the most out of every situation and was still at the games cheering on the team, but on the other side of the gym with her classmates and friends. Joesi also works as a lifeguard so was able to work more hours. She also enjoys spending time at the gym so had more time for that.” “As a Dad, that was of course hard to take,” Dean said. “Lots of emotions about the whole thing, but we talked openly about it as a family, told her I could step in and do something about it, but that’s not her thing, so I supported that decision.” Family is extremely important to Joesi, who is the youngest of three daughters to Brenda and Dean. The closeness of her family is what has shaped her into the young woman she is today. “The two big things I have wanted to teach our girls is to be grateful and always help someone out when you get a chance,” Brenda said. “Our family has been very fortunate to have lots of family and good friends in our lives. It’s something we all are very grateful for and I think it has made friends and family a top priority in Joesi’s life as well. She truly enjoys spending time with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and our close friends that are like family. Joesi has always had a big heart. Her Dad has always taught her to stand up for others. I always thought that if I got a call from the school that Joesi had hit another kid, there would be no doubt in my mind that kid was bullying someone else and totally deserved it. “Joesi has always been strong willed from the beginning, She is a very hard worker and I think that reflects in most things she does. I was always one to stand up for some less fortunate kids as I was growing up and I feel I passed that on to Joesi and it shows, along with plenty ‘McGuyver’ tricks up her sleeve, finding solutions to about anything.” Get this woman a rubber band and a paperclip. In the spring, that is when Joesi hits her stride. No not track, we have already covered that, ‘I am definitely not made for running.’ It would be softball, where she was part of a team that won the EDC tournament title and took fourth at state her sophomore year. Then last year as a junior, the HiLiners again made a run to state. They are currently in the EDC tourney, hoping to make it eight straight state tournament appearances. The 2020 season was canceled do to COVID. As active as she is in athletics, she is just as active outside of the athletic world. Klein says. “I have spent a lot of time at Farmers Union Camp since 7th grade and am now part of SYAC (State Youth Advisory Council) which plans and creates things for farmers union camp. I also was in choir 7-10th grade.” Let not forget, she has dabbled in the paranormal world, sort of. When asked about her fondest memories at Valley City, Klein replied “Going ghost hunting with the janitors after volleyball practice, we would go through the halls looking for the ghost.” That’s how good the education at Valley City Public Schools is, even those that have gone before us want in on it. Klein mentions some of her other fondest memories. “Racing boats in physics, Friday night football games and helping two of Mrs. Sather’s special education students.” Academically, Klein is an ‘A’ honor roll student. At this year’s senior awards night, she came away with a few scholarships and is a 2022-2023 High Honor Student. That is achieving and maintaining a 3.75 GPA or higher from grades 9-12. It is safe to say Klein has done great things at VCHS. Mom and dad were asked, does anything stand out about their youngest? Brenda said, “I would say just being a well rounded person with sports, academics, work, friends and family.” And for Dean? “How she was strong / hard working about her school grades, it was very important to her. In sports she always excepted to let someone else fill her spot if she wasn’t playing to her ability.” Klein plans on attending Valley City State University with a Health Science major and later possibly becoming a veterinarian. The Times-Record asked Klein, what will you miss about your time at VCHS? “I will miss playing sports From 13 with my friends and building relationships with the teachers,” Klein said. As always with this series, this reporter asks the student to describe themselves. “I would describe myself as a fun, kind and compassionate person,” Klein answered. “I like to help people and enjoy having fun with everything I do.” “Joesi has always been her own person and doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet,” Brenda said. “She’s always trying new things. A few years ago she decided to start playing the guitar. She started by watching YouTube videos and then took lessons at school. She picks up on things fast like wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing behind her cousin’s boat. She also likes to hunt and fish. There’s never a dull moment when she’s around.” She hunts, fishes and she knows her way around the garage to. Dean adds, “She is a delight to be around, a lot of what her mom said already, but growing up as the youngest of our three girls, she looked out for the others like a big sister also, kind of putting them ahead of herself. That’s just the kind of person she is. Love getting her out to do dad things, the hunting, the fishing kind of stuff, and working with me in the garage on car stuff and snowmobiles kind of things, she’s quite the mechanic, but I didn’t get a race car driver out of the deal….. Very Proud .”