Come, sit and enjoy the beautiful trees

Two trees planted on west side of city



Alberta Newspaper Group


VC City Forester, Bob Anderson, was joined by VCPW, city staff and officials in celebration of the two trees planted near the bench on West Main, across the street from Quality Alignment (north) and Burger King (south). Anderson shares that the New Horizon Elm and Manchurian Alder are being planted in honor of two past City Forester’s Dave Dunham and Willis Wager. Avis Ritcher said, “The trees are being planted in honor and memory of Dave and Willis.” She continues, “Dave Dunham, who worked as the City Forester for 23 years, was very diligent and had a love of trees and plants and often gave us more information than we knew what to do with. He served the city well.” She continues, “When Dunham retired Willis Wager became the new City Forester. He too was a very knowledgeable, kind and diligent man who did a wonderful job in serving the city in his position. I, personally, feel that the city has been very fortunate to have had both of them as well as with our new City Forester, Bob Anderson, who is doing a great job.” When asked why this location was chosen Anderson answered, “It was a place in need of trees.”